E-mail marketing template for smart phones, quick wins

Quick wins for your e-mail marketing template

  • Change the font size to 14 px or more
  • Change the width of the template to max 500 px wide
  • Get rid of image buttons

A responsive template would be the best option for anyone. It’s really not that hard to create, however check if your email vendor supports responsive design (they should). Too complicated for you? Some applications make it really easy, like Mailchimp.

Quick wins + responsive design = best practise

Some ‘smart’ phones don’t recocnise the @media query required to display the theme differently. For those unlucky few, implementing the quick wins above should be helpfull anyway.

About image buttons

Smart phone may not display images by default. “That’s okay, I’ll use an ALT text”: you say? Worst case scenario (a.k.a. Microsoft Windows Phone) won’t even show ALT text. So really you have 3 options:

  1. text links
  2. play with tables and background colours.
  3. buttons.cm (not tested by me)

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